Friday, December 05, 2008

Recess Files...


I saw him... And then I said he was mine. I dreamed it all up, a vision of pearly clarity. But still I kept dreaming and did not stop. Time stood still but he kept moving, a blur of motions and smiles. Every second a frame in which I placed his face. And so in dreams and what dreams may come, he was mine and it was like finding solace in vague reveries. I watched from the corner of the earth and from a small place somewhere in the corner of my soul, how my world whirled round and around a sonata of mysterious origins. Twirled and embraced, captivated and released at the same moment and... he lay next to me, felt his hands on my back, his breath as real as air only forcing me to wake up. But I kept my eyes closed and stayed quiet. Stayed.


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